Strings of Solace

By Kim Davis © 2011

Late, late, late! It seemed like no matter how early she started getting ready she just could not get out of the apartment on time. Now she was going to blow her interview with Dr. Bonham before she ever got there. Crap! Of course she had neglected to plan enough time to park, and totally ignored the fact that she didn’t know her way around the Northwestern campus. Continue reading “Strings of Solace”

The Hummingbird Minuet

By Kim Davis © 2006

I sat in the cool, still morning,

Gathering my thoughts;

Deciding whether to beseech or assault the day.

Humming filled the air

And called my eye

To the red liquid suspended in glass

From my porch roof.

A pair danced there;

Whether duel or duet was hard to tell.

Tiny rapiers thrust forward

They came together.

Buzz, buzz — too close, it seems.

Pause in perfect unison,

Sip the wine,

Then rise to dance again.

Hog Hunters in Texas

© 2011, Kim Davis
This article originally appeared in the
Extraordinary Jobs for Ordinary People online Newsletter

All over Texas, farmers and ranchers have a problem with wild hogs. These intelligent and adaptable creatures can wreak havoc on cultivated land and prey on livestock. They can live in any kind of terrain, from forest to swamp, and from brush to desert.  According to Texas A & M University, Texas is currently home to an estimated 2 million feral hogs, which are descended from various breeds imported from Europe as livestock since as far back as the 1680’s. Continue reading “Hog Hunters in Texas”

“Mommy, I See Jack!”

Real Stories of Spirit Communication edited by Angela Hoy© 2004, Kim Davis This story originally appeared inReal Stories of Spirit Communication: When Loved Ones Return After Crossing Over edited by Angela Hoy, ISBN: 1-59113-442-0

March 25, 1996 Journal Entry

“…With Jack so unwell, I have to admit that I’m just waiting for him to die.  This clinging to life with drugs and constant pain and fear is so ugly.  I just wish it would finish.”

March 26, 1996 Journal Entry

“Oh what a day!

Jack died at 10:00 a.m. Texas time.  Mom’s just called – all in pieces, obviously…”  Continue reading ““Mommy, I See Jack!””