Teaching Online: A Case Study

My paper, “Facing the Challenges Inherent in Teaching Online: A Case Study” was published in a scholarly journal produced by the University of Houston, Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature, 3.2 (2013).

Download the full text of the article here.

What makes a “Weather Guy”?

An interview with Jim Kline of the National Weather Service
originally published in the Employment Times, May 19, 2003

By Kim Davis © 2003

All of us who are involved with any aspect of the travel industry are deeply affected by the weather.  As a marine biology student-come-sailor, a significant part of my education involved the weather, both on the job and in the classroom.  Our lives often depend on our being prepared for the violent forces of nature, and without the help of the world’s professional meteorologists, our chances of surviving the terrible storms we encounter would not be nearly as good.

This week, Jim Kline, of the National Weather Service, took the time to answer some questions for us about his fascinating job as a professional meteorologist. Continue reading “What makes a “Weather Guy”?”