The History of the Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association

My History with Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association I wrote this piece for the Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association many years ago. As you will read, I have a personal interest in the history of this organization. I also designed and have been looking after their website for quite a few years.   You can read the […]

Hog Hunters in Texas

How the problem started Hog hunters have seem like they are everywhere in Texas any more. All over the state, farmers and ranchers are having big problems with wild hogs. These intelligent and adaptable creatures can wreak havoc on cultivated land and even prey on livestock. They can live in any kind of terrain, from […]

“Mommy, I See Jack!”

March 25, 1996 Journal Entry “…With Jack so unwell, I have to admit that I’m just waiting for him to die.  This clinging to life with drugs and constant pain and fear is so ugly.  I just wish it would finish.” March 26, 1996 Journal Entry “Oh what a day! Jack died at 10:00 a.m. […]

Christmas Winds

I’d met Paul in early November. I had dined with other catamaran crews, and stopped for a last beer on the way out through the quay-side bar packed with yachties. Over a terrible meal of “rotis” we cat crews had all told outrageous “puking punter stories,” puking punters being our overwhelming favorite topic of conversation.