Origins of the story

I wrote “Strings of Solace” for my first MFA workshop. It’s been languishing in my “to be published” pile for far too long. I’m proud to be able to share it with the world at last. Of course, It’s been through many edits since it’s earliest version, but that is what writing is all about. Rewriting!

The story actually derives from some of my own experiences when I went to Chicago, many years ago. Yes, I play guitar, and yes, I have crippling stage-fright. That’s the reason none of my friends have ever heard me play. And I do have a beautiful little Washburn mandolin I eventually learned to play. And, no, my daddy was not a famous musician!

Many thinks to Jerry Jazz Musician for publishing “Strings of Solace.”

“Strings of Solace” — a short story by Kimberly Parish Davis