I write flash fiction for fun. A few times a year, I write flash fiction very fast to address a crazy mixed-up prompt. That’s what I call fun, but it is even more fun when someone else likes the result. My story for round one of this year’s NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge is titled “A Weakness for Pearls.” It’s about a spy at a charity fundraiser. Somehow an air conditioner had to come into play, and it all was required to happen within 1000 words.

The NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge is a massive competition with a hefty entrance fee, but I really enjoy it. For several years now, these competitions have made me produce not one, but three short stories I am proud of. Whether I win this competition or not, I’m writing. I have something to revise and edit until it shines, and each year, I’ve been proud to have at least a couple of those stories place respectably in the NYCMidnight competition.

So, the news today is that my first round story for this year, “A Weakness for Pearls” has done well! According to the NYCMidnight website there were over 3000 entries this time. On the results page alone, there are 1500 entrants listed, and this only shows the stories that placed in the top 15 for each of 100 categories. It’s massive, so I’m very pleased with 6th place in my category!

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