Web design was a natural skill to develop when I started to promote my first book, and that is exactly what I did. Today, I am a web designer as well as a writer and most recently, a publisher. It started when my cousin asked me to write search engine optimized copy for his websites to earn some extra cash, but I discovered that I wanted to go beyond just copywriting. I wanted to create entire websites. It was the early 2000’s, and the field was wide open for web designers. I hung my virtual shingle, and Sublime Design Studio was born.

Sublime Design Studio

I have been designing websites for small businesses, individuals and nonprofits since 2001. Yes, I am also a writer and editor, but I love to mix it up with a bit of design. I keep my credentials up to date with online courses so that I know what the current web design trends are and how to duplicate them. Of course, authors are some of my favorite clients, but they are not my only clients. I work most with WordPress, but I am familiar with all the common content management systems on the market today. In addition to WordPress, these include Squarespace, Joomla!, and Drupal. My daughter, Jacqueline Davis, has joined my web design business, Sublime Design Studio, and her skills as a photographer and film editor really enhance our offerings. HERE is our portfolio of web design projects. And here is a PowerPoint presentation that showcases some of our favorites.

Madville Publishing

Madville Publishing logoFrom 2012-2015, I went back to University to get an MFA in creative writing, editing, and publishing. I wanted credentials, and I wanted validation as an author. My business skills and my knowledge of the software associated with digital design landed me with a job at Texas Review Press, where I spent a couple of years running things between managing directors from 2016-2018. Now, I’ve started a nonprofit indie press, Madville Publishing. With my daughter, Jacqueline’s help, we have produced seven books and our editorial calendar is booked out through 2020, with a book a month scheduled. I am the managing director, which means I select what we publish, write the contracts, do a large portion of the editing, and sometimes I do layout design, typesetting, cover design and ebook conversions. I call upon a network of talented editors and designers I know to help.