I just came across a long lost story! I never knew this micro-story I wrote won a prize. I was looking for the judge’s name from a previous story of mine that won a prize (“The Understanding”), when I stumbled across another flash piece I’d obviously sent them that was chosen top story that week and published on their website, but I never heard about it. Maybe the email got caught in a spam filter. In any case, HERE is my story, “Shit Happens.”

I have to agree with judge, Kelly Griffiths. It could use a better title… 
Story found on Cracked FF Competition website. "Shit Happens" by Kim Davis

Many of my readers already know that I spent quite a few years working aboard yachts. This story is a kind of snapshot image of a disaster at sea. I vaguely remember reading something about a volcano becoming an island and how very suddenly that happened. I never witnessed the birth of a volcano, but I have experienced some very scary stuff. The big wide ocean is no place to mess around!


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